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Brief History

Founded in 1972, as a Consulting company, ECR Engenharia started operating in the area of structure calculations. Then, in 1986, it started to operate in the road segment, offering projects, consulting, supervision services and works management. From 2010, with a new shareholding, ECR searched other markets, starting to act in the areas of urban infrastructure, building projects, port work, underground, and railway transport. Today, with more than 47 years of experience, ECR Engenharia has its works spread all over the country. It is respected and acknowledged as a company that joins tradition and future view. ECR searches a continuous development in everything it does. Whether it is in the search of technological solutions or in the Market relationships, clients and employees. A work philosophy that has been winning over each more positive result, and placing the company in an outstanding place in the scene of the Brazilian engineering.


It aims to add value to its customers, the society, employees and shareholders by implementing innovative concepts in the Engineering Management, always aiming at the fulfillment of deadlines and any other applicable requirements, as well as the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

about us


Collaborate with the development of the society, through the provision of consulting engineering services with quality and innovation.

about us


Be a reference in delivering products, known for its quality and timeliness.

about us


· Ethics
· Innovation
· Entrepreneurship
· Proactivity